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NMA is a collection of 5,000 artworks created with the help of neural networks. We took some top PFPs and reimagined them with inspiration from some well-recognized generative art collections. Then we enhanced the quality of each image to 64MP resolution. This will allow owners to print their NFTs in stunning quality. Below are some sneak peeks in their original size. Be sure to take a look to understand the level of quality.

Sneak peeks on IPFS

(wait until the image is fully downloaded then click to zoom in and check the quality)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mint price?First 500 free FCFS, 2 per wallet. Then 0.0069 ETH, 10 per tx
When is the mint date?15th of November, 4 PM UTC
What was your main goal?Our goal was to create art of such quality that people want to hang it on their walls instead of moving it to the "hidden" folder.
How are you different from other similar projects?1. The quality of our creations is much better. 8000x8000px 300DPI. No other NFT collection seems to have this. 2. Our collection is diverse unlike other similar ones. This means that our supply consists of many "characters" and styles.

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